Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Government  in all its stupid splendor.


Follow the money. 



The uniparty,

‘Certainly wouldn’t want to leave open an option to end war. 

Now, add to the list of horrors a Trump presidency would bring, the possibility of ending a war. When will the dark night of fascism end?


What exactly does George Washington have to do with

Israel and Palestine?   ‘Just another leftist coup attempt disguised as the complaint du Jour.   Imagine living in a society ruled over by these storm-trooping thugs.  ‘Easy to imagine because it’s happened so many times before, when the pathological class rises to the surface and relatively sane people give them a pass — at their own peril. 


The Coup

 goes kinetic.

Monday, April 29, 2024



It’s bizarre hearing the leftist rabble whine perpetually about the horrors of MAGA.  It’s common knowledge that MAGA means “make America great again” — a campaign slogan not all that different from many slogans of the past used by both Democrats and Republicans.  The devil is in the translation and projection.  The promoters of a new totalitarian order would have us believe that the benign proclamation of, “MAGA” actually means a dark night of fascism (when there is absolutely no basis for such a scare-moniker).

MAGA’s platform is obvious and sane. Return American to a position of strength, prosperity, and strict adherence to constitutional principles and the rule of law. 

Those with MAGA-derangement syndrome are accurate in seeing this as a threat to their goal of diminishing America’s strength, prosperity, and strict adherence to constitutional principles and the rule of law.  It’s no secret or “conspiracy theory” that those who despise MAGA most are those who seek to establish a global order where all of humanity is lorded over by unelected ideologues and technocrats.

In a sense, the battle is one of “class struggle” to use their hero’s term. The two classes, while having some resemblance to the old Marxist complaint of wealth disparity, are ultimately a division between a well-to-do elite of academically indoctrinated control freaks vs. common citizens; factory workers, farmers, common laborers, et al. 

Over the last few decades, the elite class have been successful in coming to dominate journalism, education, the judicial system, and even entertainment.   While some are simply milquetoast suburban “rebels,” the most committed are those with considerable power and the means of imposing dystopia on all of us — they suck.

Next time you hear a talking head or armchair philosopher whine about “threats to our democracy” posed by MAGA, have the good sense to to understand what has been happening the past several years and realize that wanting an America with a position of strength, prosperity, and strict adherence to constitutional principles and the rule of law is not a “threat to our Democracy,” it’s an attempt to regain our republic.


A relevant reposting of a link highlighting the contrast between two visions.


Name the gripe

 This is always their end goal.


Just the Facts


Sunday, April 28, 2024


Understanding the current — bogus — New York case

 against Trump.


Two short but — very — insightful appraisals of current horror shows in the making

by Eva Vlaardingerbroek and

Laura Aboli


Not a conspiracy theory

Be very afraid.


The usual bottom line.




The most secure election…

(drum roll)…in history 


Judge Donald Trump by who his enemies are

 (The CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS, CCP, the WEF, NGOs, global corporations, big banking interests,  social media companies, establishment “news” media, pampered soapbox academics, entertainment “experts,”  armchair philosophers trying to construct dystopia, anti-humanists, trans humanists, angry frustrated unmarried women, corrupt leftist lawyers and legal institutions, authoritarian globalists, communists, fascists, freaks, and clowns). 

If you are FOR them, you need to reconsider the values you hold. 

Saturday, April 27, 2024



 Marvels of nature. 

I’m fully aware of the destructive horror that tornadoes bring to people each year. They’re truly a frightening surreal phenomena.

Some video footage is spectacular and even beautiful, in its own way.

There are several on line that are unbelievable.  One of my favorite is this unusually small tornado, very up close (jump to the 14 minute point). 

Finally, the most insane footage ever filmed of entire houses being ripped from their foundations. 


This is what

Full-of-shit   Looks like.


The worthless existence of

 establishment media. and state propaganda. 


The No Longer Recognizable American Government

 under Democrat rule.

Friday, April 26, 2024


Practical Policy vs. “Revolution”

“Liberals,” like conservatives, are ultimately practical in their approach to policy. They both want to achieve the best results for the public, albeit using contending methods. There are degrees of practical application. 

“Leftists” are far different from either liberals or conservatives. They are willing to sacrifice practical benefit for what they see as a higher mission, creating a new order.  

Liberals and conservatives present contending approaches to practical goals. Leftists are ideologues seeking to upend society for what they see as a higher ideal — they are genuine extremists. While liberals and leftists may be seen as kindred spirits, liberals actually have more in common with conservatives which is why one now sees so many liberals today responding in horror to the destruction that leftism is bringing to society.


More Democrat Schemes

 To steal elections.

Remember, Republicans want voter ID, legitimate proof of citizenship. A voting DAY (not weeks), and paper ballots.  Democrats are opposed to all of these things — why exactly?  …to “preserve our democracy”…so full of shit.

Thursday, April 25, 2024


 The rabble …LOL  Go back to your coffee shop and write feminist poetry. 

Note the socialist organization’s pre-printed sign behind the woman in the video.  These are the same clueless idiots that will be on a rampage if Trump successfully makes it to election time and trounces the feeble old communist autocrat he’s running against. 


The “look”

Of the non-left. 


Exhausting possibilities

Probably not since Beethoven have two simple notes been so skillfully dissected as in this excerpt from the finale to Shostakovich’s 4th symphony.  

The — very abstract — piece was kept from public performance for a long time because, as in all communist enterprises,  individual creative genius is discouraged (the composer could have ended up in the gulag). 

‘One of the 20th centuries greatest composers.


Gustav Moreau

 An artist’s symbolic vision of our times.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Absolute nonsense

It just occurred to me that, if one can be punished (in some places, lose one’s job or serve jail time) for insulting a “trans” person or mocking the stupid use of contrived pronouns, are  other offending statements directed at others equally “criminal?”

How about criticizing a persons choice in hair dye color? Mocking their choice in clothing?  Cosmetic surgery? Piercings? Tattoos? 

The entire phony leftist obsession with punitive action toward anyone not playing along with their fantasies is nothing more than the criminalization of breaches in etiquette. 

“Sticks and stones may break [your] bones but names will [give you time in the slammer].”

…pathetic idiots.


Of course.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


If you don’t know about the “Cloward-Piven strategy”…

 You should.

Remember, Democrats hate America and hate any citizen that can’t be used to further their grasp on power. 


The nail

 In the coffin.


There are still people who think THESE

 observations are unfounded.

Monday, April 22, 2024


Tucker Carlson

 On the government “Organism.”


I changed my mind…

Reasonably honest people are able to change their views over time, when warranted.  Of late, there are many of us who look back on the Bush years and the war in Iraq (for example) and realize we were wrong.  Saddam Hussein was a “bad guy” but American actions toppling his regime were unfounded.  America — the American government — has been the bad guy in several instances in modern history.   Twenty years ago, I would have thought that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden were potential threats to a free nation’s security. Now, I have to acknowledge that both are heroes.

It’s refreshing to realize that I’m not alone when I hear people like Tucker Carlson express the same sentiments.  On the other side of the spectrum, people like Russel Brand and Glen Greenwald now sound like conservatives merely because they recognize an authoritarian menace in the omnipotent state when they see it.  There are now a host of popular media personalities (e.g. Tim Pool, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, occasionally, Bill Maher) who are now accused of being “right wing” because they believe in a free press and sane governance (e.g. a secure border). 

There used to be a fairly simple equation one could follow in judging just conclusions.  America was a free society and that appraisal could be backed up by one’s own life. If one didn’t break any common sense laws you could pretty much voice your opinion as you chose and likewise vote for your personal choice in political candidates.  It stood to reason that living in such a relatively rare circumstance, the officials that maintained a well-functioning free society could be trusted to be generally doing the right thing. The CIA was staffed by fellow free citizens dedicated to monitoring the evil forces of totalitarianism that plagued much of the globe. The FBI made sure that serious crimes were investigated, again keeping us commoners relatively unscathed by the intrigues of those with evil intent.  

We no longer live in that world. The freedoms guaranteed by our constitution are honored considerably less. The powers of state openly collude with the powerful corporations that disseminate information. The police powers that used to protect have become mere enforces of a political class dominated by one political party and an ideology more attuned to international institutions than our own constitution. 

Bedrock American conservatism hasn’t changed. It’s based upon a genuine respect for the founders and the documents that outline free society.  The assault now comes at conventional beliefs from all sides. In addition to the usual collectivist rabble, establishment forces within the FBI, CIA, NSA, et al. now direct their authority to reining in a public that still thinks they are protected by the rule of law.

There are many countries that promise freedom of speech and expression in their constitutions. Some are actually based upon America’s founding documents. But what good is any document that few acknowledge or see as valid? What made America’s constitution work was an almost religious respect for its principles.  No decent public figure would think of deliberately undermining basic principles like “equality before the law.”  Even those who supported slavery knew they were breaching the just foundations of written law. Yet now, here we are. A multi-tiered “justice” system that is used to solidify one political party’s grip on the body politique'. 

There are many who would formally be considered to be “on the left” who no longer fit that description. There are also many, formally considered to be “on the right,” who no longer look blindly at their nation’s centers of power with respect. We have “changed our mind,” or perhaps refined our thought to adapt to an emerging paradigm shift. 

Unfortunately, there will still be others who have not changed their mind.  The new global centralization of absolute power defies a right/left analysis.  Its motivations are ideological, collectivist, and at once corporate and now takes possession of the hollow shells of previous power centers. 

I, and many others, were wrong about many things but the founding principles of free society are still timeless.  If those who have, over time, usurped power would only honor the timeless over the expedient. But, don’t hold your breath.


The Global Censorship Scam

The Sovietization of open discourse.   At any point and in any way possible, undermine the agenda of thugs, tyrants, and scumbags.

Your best insight into truth will be an awareness of history and human nature.  When they tell you the sky is falling (eg. “Global Warming,” “Global Cooling,” “Global Bullshit,” “wear a mask!” etc.), remember the historical record from the perpetual lie machine.  When they tell you they are saving humanity and building a just new world order, remember where that has lead to in the past. 

Even in the most corrupt authoritarian regimes, word-of-mouth has been a very effective means of at least  prodding warranted skepticism. 

They’re going to lie, distort, monitor, and punish. In stealth evasiveness, throw it back in their face. Mock them and remind others that truth never comes from centralized power but by common sense insight.

Sunday, April 21, 2024


It’s the Marxist way…

 …of doing things.


The insane excesses of the “revolution”

 even have some liberals concerned. 

Saturday, April 20, 2024


Judging books and people

 It may not be fair to “judge a book by its cover” but if you take a quick look at the table of contents, you’re likely to get an accurate idea of what you’re dealing with. 


The intelligence required to complain.

 It’s beyond amazing that some seen as “intelligent” can be so passionate in their promotion of grievances that require no intelligence at all. 


She Nailed It



“The content of one’s character”…

 And the competence to do no harm.

More “DEI” nonsense from the same people who have brought us the collapse of a superpower. 


Orwell in the making….

‘Beyond pathetic. 

Friday, April 19, 2024


You’ve gotta be f…n kidding me

 Jesse Waters gives some detailed insight into the construction of a very unfair trial against Donald Trump.

A jury of “one’s peers.” …yeah, right.


Roger Scruton

 An old but VERY GOOD documentary

Scruton was a brilliant scholar and his evaluations are insightful and worthy of contemplation. 


 The con and the Coup.


I’m posting this because

 This woman’s vocabulary and expression is hilarious, as well as accurate.


Yep, that about nails it



 One of film history’s most moving scenes.

Thursday, April 18, 2024




The Unnatural Contrivance of "Equality"

(A repost from long ago)

In the grand scheme of things, nature and natural processes are self-regulating. This does not mean that all land is equally flat or mountainous, that all animals are fast, slow, wild, or docile, or that mountains should be leveled and fast animals slowed down. 

Inequality (an obsession to some) is a natural condition and will always exist in the realms of economic status, beauty, stamina, and even -- dare I note -- luck.

Where most of us hope for "justice" as a context for all, to expect, demand, or legislate, "equality" as a constant end or outcome is absurd and destructive to the flow of all events in the big picture. 

Call it "The Tao," the natural order, or simply, the way things are; "justice" is not served by imposed dreams of enforced stasis, and contrived notions of equality are no cause for the donning of halos by those who merely think the world should be frozen into their own boring vision of imagined goodness.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024



 welcomed into the country with open arms.

The voters who let things like this happen aren’t going to like living under a CCP ruled government. 

There is no rule or indication from history that the good guy always wins. 


Intellectual Giants in Journalism (to be followed by sarcastic laughter)

The washed up former journalist, Katie Couric  recently made known her disdain for those simpletons who support Trump and dare not grovel before the intellectual brilliance of a contrived mind-caste.  My first exposure to the “pseudo-intellectual” was in Eric Hoffer’s brilliant analysis in his book, “The Ordeal of Change.”

There is a consistent pattern of people in history who fancy themselves to be “intellectuals” who come up a bit short in genuine scholarly insight.  Many public school teachers and most journalists will pontificate under the delusion that they are intellectually on par with truly great thinkers. So it is that we are daily chastised for not adhering to the standards that common control freaks have set for us.

Most intellectuals expand their areas of inquiry beyond the arts and social sciences and direct considerable attention to politics, both practical and theoretical. When laying out their “plans” for how the rest of us should live, they often reveal a disdain for common people.  

Intellectuals can fall anywhere on a political spectrum.  Certainly most academics in today’s colleges are intellectuals with decidedly left wing values.  Like most socialists, the upper echelon of the Nazi party was full of mystics, philosophers, artists, poets, and intellectuals.  Intellectuals’ political views are more often than not, radical.  Their personal discontent inevitably shows up as a strident desire to remake society.

It can certainly be argued that intellectuals have been directly or indirectly responsible for several incidences of mass carnage in history.   In George Orwell’s novella, “Animal Farm,” the pigs are the intellectuals, and they run the show.  The role of common citizens is to just obey and accept their role as lowly fodder for the latest cultural revolution or experiment in owning nothing and being happy. 

As already noted, among the mind-caste are plenty who want to join the club, believing themselves to be great thinkers.  Journalism is full of these phony elitists who look down their nose at the great “unwashed masses.”  In our own time, most intellectuals (and their cheap copies) suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Nothing will piss off the arrogant elite more than a crowd of thousands wearing MAGA hats —  people who can fix cars, build houses, and drive trucks.

The current administration of mouthpieces for Obama’s third term is full of pseudo-intellectual elitists (eg. Anthony Blinken) bringing ruin to our country.  It’s no coincidence that the bureau-intellectuals among them have never held real jobs.  They’ve always been “public servants” to a public they have never served. 

The current political turmoil that dominates most of the West is not so much a conflict between right and left but more specifically, a conflict between common citizens and the elite “thinkers” who once again seek to establish themselves as rulers of a new world.

…fuck ‘em.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Not an accident

 The deliberate breakdown of law and order.  Preamble to dystopia. 


‘Stimulating interview on

“Christian Nationalism. “ 

I’ll tack on a link to what I had noted on this topic just a month ago. 


Responding to the perennial nonsense of…

defending the Iranian terror regime.  

Monday, April 15, 2024


The track record

 The cliche' and often repeated statement that communism is good “in theory” is absurd.  Its policies and results are consistently terrible precisely because the theory that drives them is so corrupt.


Facts and fictions

 I don’t remember where I read it but it would make for great fiction…OR:

Trump wins by an obvious and legitimate landslide, but the Democrats and deep state minions refuse to acknowledge the voters’ choice and impose their “candidate” — a uniparty war pig. 

The entirety of blue-collar middle America spontaneously takes to the streets. Offices of the Democrat party and propaganda media are seized and their staff held captive. Thousands of military personal and local police join ranks with the population (in spite of attempts by the Biden administration to purge the military of patriotic members).

Justice prevails, the constitution is reestablished, and there is no mercy to the communist coup-plotters.

….Stranger things could happen I suppose.

 When the time comes, patriots will no doubt respond accordingly.  Truth will be stranger than fiction. 


Pretty Strait Forward…

 and, accurate.  You get what you vote for. 

Sunday, April 14, 2024


The more the Democrats and their socialist allies try to screw over Donald Trump, the stronger he becomes and

 …the madder they get. 

It’s not his fault they suck. 



 “Classic” everything is always good.


Say what one will about Trump

 He’s clearly got some first rate people doing his ads.

Imagine the Biden drones pulling off an ad like this.


The Deluge

 Steel Plate engraving by William Miller after design by John Martin. 1844


Hitting the fan. 


They just don’t

get it. 

Some people just aren’t on board with the deep state coup. 

Saturday, April 13, 2024



 Try justifying this,  I dare you.

Thursday, April 11, 2024


The Uniparty; Liars, Thieves, and Autocrats

 Allied against the citizen.


Fine Art Prints

 …a reposting of my brief video on fine art prints — etchings and engravings.


No more “reading, writing, and arithmetic”

The revolution has other more important things to teach your kids.

Dare the Marxists to defend this garbage. Remember — historically — once the leftists seize power, all this deviance nonsense is off the table or, as Hannah Arendt put it, “it is common knowledge that the most radical revolutionary becomes a conservative the day after the revolution.”

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


Comic Relief

Dumber than  A bag of rocks.


If you’re an average middle class American

 Be reminded. Your government hates you.


The FBI…

who would have thought.  (To be noted with extreme sarcasm).

‘Just a reminder; leftists subvert and seek to control a culture for no other reason than the acquisition of power to control the lives of the fellow citizens they believe to be inferior.


Monitoring and restricting movement

 A key standard among the “planning” class.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024


 Government always sucks.


 You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

— Ayn Rand

Monday, April 08, 2024



 God, this guy is good.

Things to ponder while the Baltimore bridge “accident” has been pushed off the radar by the Democrat media.

Like the former Soviet Union, a government that is on the road to unbridled power can lie, deceive, and distort at will.

If you like “conspiracy theories, you’re gonna love this.


Impeachment, prosecution,

and removal. 

Sunday, April 07, 2024


Courtesy of the link from Elon Musk

 regarding the insane idea of having Ukraine join NATO.


Authoritarian Corporatism…

international   (Brazil, this time).


Sneaking Bugs and Parasites

 into the food supply.


The Deep State Pigs vs.

Donald Trump 


 Democrats must be opposed in every legal way possible. 

A D.C. — Democrat — jury “of her peers” found her guilty — so much for America’s dead “justice” system.  


Why Exactly Would Millions of Trump Supporters be

 Angered at the Path Democrats have Set Us On?

Saturday, April 06, 2024


The ultimate example of stupidity:

Doing things like this and not expecting retaliation at some future time. 

The Democrats have turned the normal constitutional competition between political parties into some Soviet-style exercise in inflicting harm.  When some suggest that Trump and his allies will use the courts to rectify injustices, I’ve gotta laugh. ….Duh.

When innocent people’s lives are ruined by the malicious schemes of communists, it should be beyond reason that the injustice will not stand.

When innocent people are found guilty, the real guilty people must be made to pay the price and face the fury of their own projections.


Laying out

 the facts.

Friday, April 05, 2024


They say that the leading candidate is “authoritarian”

They say that the leading candidate is a “threat to our democracy.”  

And, of course, in another act of pathological projection…

Donald Trump “fosters violence.”



 Biden Democrat style.


Before establishing total tyranny, communism always — always! —

 Ferments the complete corruption and  demise of civilization..



Thursday, April 04, 2024


Jack Smith

 Don’t know Jack shit…



 Should squat on this 👍🏻…or perhaps a live hand granade.


The perpetual lies

against Trump. 


Typical UN

 commie nonsense.


Who’s the real “terrorist?”

a couple trespassing for twelve minutes  …or the mini-phallused thugs of the American Gestapo?


 Stocking the voter rolls.

Wednesday, April 03, 2024


…and, throw away the key! 


Savings the Democrats’




 stealing the show …again. 



Tuesday, April 02, 2024


Looking for…

 “a better life.”   


“If I was the deep state”



This   Needs to get massive exposure


The economic miracle of Property Rights 


The Economics of opposing the real world.

 Minimum thought goes into the idea of an imposed increase in minimum wage.


The continuing tragedy of a

 culture in decline.

Monday, April 01, 2024


Fours Years In…

 ‘Never got a Covid “vaccine.”  When it wasn’t demanded of me at a store, ‘never wore a mask. I definitely never wore a mask outdoors or in a car by myself (like some really stupid people).  

‘Never got Covid.  I haven’t had the flu in years.

I’m not saying that I’ll never get the Corona virus or that I could never be among that very tiny percent that dies from the Corona virus.  

I’d just say; have a healthy diet, wash your hands, go on walks in fresh air and, be skeptical of anything a dishonest and corrupt government tells you.



Just so they know… 

Democrats just sound plain ridiculous when they drag out their cliche monikers.  No one takes these phony chastisements seriously anymore.


The progressive descent into ugliness

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